Commercial Projects

Large more complex projects by nature require greater input early on in the project life. The planning system is still a complex and lengthy process. This is time when the essentials of your design could be agreed with us for building regulation purposes. Then, when planning is approved you know you can proceed with confidence that the building will comply. Even if changes are necessary we can quickly integrate these. We will of course consult with the Water Authority, Fire Authority and Local Authority on your behalf.


Assure Building Control has a specific methodology to value engineering; SmartCheck. We take a collective in-house approach and challenge the fundamentals of the regulations ie we look at what the minimum requirements are and apply them to your design. If we are able to identify compliance albeit with another approach then we will report this to you. It is then down to the design team to either accept or reject our SmartCheck findings but at least gives the team valuable options which will comply. Gain valuable floor space, reduce cost, create building flexibility or just make it look better!

Architects - RIBA plan of work

The 2013 RIBA plan incorporates more stages than previously but one thing remains; Assure Building Control will still be involved from the start if you wish. We’re willing to help. Getting it right from the outset simply saves time and money. As the design process develops and technical design is incorporated, we’re with you every step. We’re then heavily involved throughout the construction phase to ensure consistency is achieved, avoiding eleventh hour problems.

Contractors - Tendering

When tendering for work our FastCheck service is ideal. We will give the design an overview of major items such as overall fire safety, structure, access, energy, site location, stairs/guardings etc. You need to know at this stage that the design will achieve compliance (on major items at least) and that there is no un-necessary overspend. Please talk to us early where we really can make the difference.

Building Owners/Developers - Remove hassle Reduce risk

We make the process easy and will work with you and your team to achieve compliance reducing your liability and helping to reduce costs. Building regulation approval is not the difficult process it was perceived to be if you use Assure Building Control. Fundamentally we have the same interests; a safe building. We keep it simple and will not ask for anything above the standards set in building regulations which will give you the most efficiently compliant building possible.