Domestic Projects

Getting started and working with Assure Building Control is as easy as ABC. See our simple process below or, get in touch and we'll talk you through it.

Your Choice

From 1997 in England and Wales, when carrying out building works that require Building Control approval, you have had a choice as to which building control body (BCB) you appoint. You can appoint an independent body such as Assure Building Control instead of the Council.

Assure Building Control is a Government approved BCB, licensed to approve building works anywhere in England and Wales.

IF YOU APPOINT ASSURE BUILDING CONTROL, THE COUNCIL WILL NOT CHECK YOUR PLANS AND WILL NOT CARRY OUT ANY INSPECTIONS; this will all be done by Assure Building Control's team of fully qualified, customer focussed surveyors.


You're ready to go! This is the legal part which ultimately authorises you to build! Use our simple ONLINE FORM to instruct us, we will issue our ‘Initial Notice’ to your Local Authority once you’ve signed and returned our application form to us. Besides checking your plans thoroughly, we will then consult with various Authorities on your behalf. This will include the Water Authority and the Fire Authority depending on the type of building you propose.


Work can quickly start on site when using Assure Building Control because we begin the process immediately although you must allow 5 working days (including the first day) before you physically start on site. Our inspections will be based upon the type of building, the builder’s experience, and the complexity of the project. A site inspections framework will be arranged at the beginning of any project to monitor compliance throughout. You may also need to call us out depending on how work progresses.


You've had another idea, you've changed your mind or have had to make changes due to unforeseen issues. Most projects change in some way from the original planned design. Within reason we don’t have a problem with changes as long as we are kept informed; and, any problems we pick up along the way will be communicated to you.


Ultimately this is what you need. As long as work appears to be compliant following our final inspection and all paperwork is in place we won’t hesitate to issue your very valuable and important final certificate