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Manchester and Brighton Expansion

Expansion into Northern and Southern England continues apace with new members joining Assure Building Control.

New Website and Brand

Our modern approach is mirrored by our new branding and website. Director, MIchael Mongan explains a little.

3rd Generation of Nimbus launches

Cutting edge technology is the cornerstone of our success and with our latest version of Nimbus going live our commitment to service and efficiency is further enforced.

Smartcheck is a unique offering from Assure Building Control. It has been developed in conjunction with customers over a period of years and focuses on pressing the design strategy of a building to attain greater value and make savings.

Building Regulations have a dramatic effect on...

New London Office

Assure Building Control have seen tremendous growth in London over the last couple of years. The next step clearly was to relocate our London operation in the centre of the capital.